A space for the fundamental struggle for civil rights.

We are a charitable nonprofit registered in the state of New York.


The purpose of the Museum of Civil Rights is to bring to life a landmark institution dedicated to deepening and broadening the nation’s collective memory of the modern civil rights movement.

Exhibits that showcase the struggle for equality and justice that African Americans and other marginalized groups have faced throughout American history. 

The exhibits may provide visitors with a powerful educational experience, inspiring them to reflect on the past, confront current challenges, and work towards a better future for all.


Credit Dannie Jing, Unsplash


Credit Dannie Jing, Unsplash


The Museum of Civil Rights offers a diverse range of lectures that explore the historical, social, and political aspects of civil rights. These lectures are presented by renowned scholars, activists, and civil rights leaders, and cover topics such as the civil rights movement, social justice, and contemporary issues related to race and inequality.

The lectures offer an opportunity for visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding civil rights, and to engage in thoughtful discussions with experts and peers. Whether attending in-person or virtually, visitors can be assured that they will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and perspective on the ongoing fight for civil rights.

Programs & Activities

The Museum of Civil Rights offers an array of engaging programs and activities that encourage visitors to explore and participate in the fight for civil rights. These programs may include guided tours of the museum, educational workshops, film screenings, and community events. The activities are designed to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds and to promote critical thinking and dialogue around civil rights issues.

Whether attending on-site or remotely, visitors will have access to a range of interactive experiences that help to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the struggle for civil rights. By participating in these programs and activities, visitors are empowered to become advocates for social justice and to contribute to a more equitable future for all.



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